Update 07/01/2019

So far, so good! First of all, I would like to thank you for the amazing support, after only a few days, S4MP received thousands of views and hundreds of downloads! Your feedback is still invaluable since it really helps me to point out the main priorities and main pain-points of the mod.

Yeah, okay, but what’s next?

Based on your feedback it became crystal clear that many of you are struggling with firewall/network issues and you want to play online with friends. To address these requirements, the plan in the near future is the following:

  • This week a hotfix will be released which includes a tool to easily add the game server executable to Windows Firewall exceptions which will provide a safe & fast solution to those ugly firewall issues.
  • Next week/mid July the early access tests of the online version will kickstart with dedicated servers. This means you’ll be able to test the mod with your friends over the internet.
  • And the best thing is: the online version will be also completely free! The limit for the first round of the online test is 100 players. In order to participate, all you have to do is to share the S4MP mod on one of your socials containing a link to https://sims-multiplayer.com/ and submit a screenshot via the S4MP Discord server. First come, first served!

Ready to start to play with your friends?

Download S4MP and start playing!