S4MP Online is just around the corner!

New month, new updates! Regardless of the special situation, S4MP development is actively up & running thus wanted to give you a small progress update, how things are going.

  • Development of the online version (0.5) is just about to cross the finish line, so if you are tired of the hassle with Hamachi and firewall settings, it’s coming to an end very soon! The new launcher is completely rewritten from scratch, please see some screenshots attached.
  • The good-old LAN version launcher will also receive a maintenance update (0.4.5) in order to support the new account system. Regarding game features, it will have the same set of features as 0.5 but it will only work on LAN.

To sum up: the use of launcher version 0.5 is encouraged, it’s online and easy to set up. If you really want to stick to local play, use the 0.4.5 version.

Early access release of this update is about to happen in the next 1-2 weeks. Stay tuned!

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