S4MP keeps on growing!

First, thank you so much for your tremendous amount of support! The download counter of the mod is just about to reach the mighty 10k, the population of the S4MP Discord is almost at half thousand and there are community videos, articles and reviews all around the internet!

While looking at these numbers and developing this cutting-edge multiplayer mod is a huge honour, continuously improving the mod and sustaining the online servers costs a decent amount of effort and money. In order to keep this growth sustainable, we kick off the S4MP Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/simsmultiplayer

Becoming a Patron of the project brings you many benefits, such as granted access to the online servers, early access to the latest versions (with traveling, more player support etc.) and many more…

Supporter – $5

  • Immediate access to the closed beta test of S4MP Online
  • Early access to the latest version of the mod

Sponsor – $9

  • All the above, plus…
  • 1 guaranteed player slot in S4MP Online (free servers might get full) after beta
  • Sponsor Discord rank with access to the Sponsors channel
  • Mentioned as sponsor in the S4MP Online launcher

GOLD Sponsor – $15

  • All the above, plus…
  • Become the part of the story! You will have your name remembered in the S4MP Online launcher as a GOLD sponsor!
  • Play online with your friend any time! You’ll get 2 guaranteed player slots in S4MP Online! (free servers might get full after the beta)
  • Vote for features, what should be implemented next!
  • GOLD sponsor Discord rank with access to the GOLD channel

Does it mean S4MP becomes a paid mod? Absolutely not! You will still be able to play with the latest version of the mod a few weeks after the initial early access release, moreover, you can even play online with your friends on the S4MP Online servers for free! (Please note that free servers will have limited capacity and will work on a first comes first served basis.)

Ready to start to play with your friends?

Download S4MP and start playing!