S4MP 0.6.0 – Up to 12 players support online & LAN [Win & OSX]

Play with up to 12 players with S4MP

Would you like to play The Sims 4 with the family? Looking for the next party game with friends? Tired of travel infinite loading? Look no further!

S4MP 0.6.0 is a huge milestone in The Sims 4 multiplayer evolution. Now the mod supports up to 12 players at the same time both in online and LAN mode! Get your friends together and experience the next generation of The Sims 4 multiplayer gaming.

The new version tackles one more huge challenge: finally, the server code is 100% unified for LAN and online, thus it is officially confirmed that LAN and online mode can be maintained in later updates without having extra development work. This also means there is no need for multiple launchers anymore – 0.6.0 supports both online and LAN play out of the box.

The server has been completely revamped to support high player count with a low-performance footprint. It also fully eliminates infinite loading issues when traveling online.

  • 12 player support (limit will be increased in later version)
  • No more travel infinite load during online play
  • LAN and online play in the same launcher!
  • Online servers located in US and EU for low latency
  • Start game button has been fixed for Mac launcher

To celebrate the new chapter – and encourage testing with more players – we are introducing Platinum Tier ($25) which gives accounts for 4 players to play!

Next up: (not included in this release)

  • Fix the lag issue between Windows and Mac
  • Build & buy mode support 

Become a patron at https://www.patreon.com/simsmultiplayer and get access to the online version right now!

Ready to start to play with your friends?

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