S4MP 0.4.4 – In-game chat feature [Patreon Early Access available NOW!]

Ready for some in-game chit-chat? While 3+ player support and online version development is still in progress, this update brings you the chat feature requested by many of you! Send messages in the game easily by typing in ‘chat <your message>’ to the in-game console!

Next up are some huge improvements:

  • Since many players are still experiencing a lot of issues and pain with setting up the mod, the plan is to move the entire gameplay to online, cloud-based servers. This will eliminate all the struggles with firewalls & Hamachi!
  • 3+ player support is also coming very soon! Are you ready to get the whole family and friends together for a multiplayer game?

S4MP 0.4.4 is confirmed to be working on Windows & Mac, Hamachi and the latest The Sims 4 (v1.60+) update.

The update is available now at https://www.patreon.com/simsmultiplayer

Ready to start to play with your friends?

Download S4MP and start playing!