S4MP 0.39.1 – Baby & infant fixes, Growing Together support

Discover the joy of parenthood together in S4MP 0.39.1! Bond with your newborns, name them together, and explore their toddler years with improved client player interactions and support for the Growing Together expansion pack.


  • Fixed the issue where build mode, map & gallery was disabled for client players after a baby was born
  • Naming dialog now only appears for the right client after a baby was born
  • Infants that born in the same game session are now selectable by client players
  • Fixed duplicate Sim issue when babies age up to infants

The mod supports Hamachi and requires game version v1.99 or later in order to work.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the Patrons who have been reporting bugs and giving feedback in the past few months!

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