S4MP 0.36.0 – Cheats support [Win & OSX]

Along with various launcher enhancements and notification issue fixes, S4MP 0.36.0 adds support for cheat codes for money and simulation mode.


  • Money cheats are fixed for client players (kaching, rosebud, motherlode)
  • Testing cheats can be turned on by clients (testingcheats true) and interactions are accessible for them
  • Needs cheats are fixed for client players (fillmotive, sims.fill_all_commodities)
  • Other simulation cheats (sims.give_satisfaction_points, aspirations.complete_current_milestone, resetsim) are fixed for client players
  • IP address can be copied to clipboard from the launcher
  • Screen slam notifications now only appear on the proper client

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Important: S4MP 0.36.0 requires game version 1.90 or higher in order to work!

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