S4MP 0.21.0 – The biggest public update to date (Public Release)

S4MP 0.21.0 brings dozens of fixes and new features, including Wonderful/Wicked Whims support, dialog fixes, purchase functionalities, new languages… it’s too many to list, take a look below!

  • Wicked Whims & Wonderful Whims mods are now fully supported
  • Added support for latest expansion packs
  • Fixed skewer icon functionality – the icon next to the sim portraits (go home, etc.)
  • Purchase of gifts and books has been fixed for non-host players (via phone, book shelf etc.)
  • Sim traits are now synced for all clients properly (e.g.: magic motes visibility)
  • Improved the tracking of currently active sim on all clients to prevent dialogs/notifications appearing on the wrong client
  • Added Italian language support to the launcher (thanks to Future Funk Superstar!)
  • Plopsy now works for all players
  • Dialog handling improvements for specific multi-picker dialogs
  • Fixed infinite load on exit for host players
  • Improved in-game notification when the game has connected after load
  • Revamped & more detailed logging to improve the efficiency of catching bugs
  • The new notebook feature works for all clients
  • Zoomer delivery support for all clients
  • Auto-solve needs (clicking on the bar) now works for all clients
  • Festival information features now work for all clients (view in calendar & info signs, travel to festival buttons)
  • Text input dialogs now work for all clients (rename things etc.)
  • Fixed time freeze & auto-start during/after traveling
  • Fixed issues with purchase picker dialogs introduced in the 1.77 patch
  • Computer – Order menu should work properly
  • Buying books from bookshelves should work properly
  • Holiday & event editing now works for all players

The mod supports Hamachi and requires game version v1.77 or later in order to work.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the Patrons who have been reporting bugs and giving feedback in the past few months!

Download the mod via ModTheSims for free: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=629316

To get early access to the latest S4MP updates, become a patron today at https://www.patreon.com/simsmultiplayer

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