S4MP 0.20.0 – Fixes for 1.77 major update, dialogs & festival fixes [Win & OSX]

S4MP 0.20.0 brings fixes to issues introduced by the recent major update for The Sims 4 among with support for the new notebook feature and festivals. Please take note that due to these recent changes, S4MP 0.20.0 supports only game version 1.77 or newer!


  • The new notebook feature works for all clients
  • Fixed error message notification occurred with MCCC
  • Fixed regression issues with dialogs after 1.77 patch
  • Zoomer delivery support for all clients
  • Auto-solve needs (clicking on the bar) now works for all clients
  • Festival information features now work for all clients (view in calendar & info signs, travel to festival buttons)
  • Text input dialogs now work for all clients (rename things etc.)
  • Fixed time freeze & auto-start during/after traveling

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