S4MP 0.15.0 – Aspiration, auto-sync & career fixes [Win & OSX]

S4MP 0.15.0 brings fixes to aspiration & rewards store functionality, eliminates further career-related issues, and fixed the expansion pack auto-sync between the players. This update also introduces 3 new languages for the launcher, thanks to our amazing community!


  • Fixed expansion pack auto-sync between players
  • Non-host players can change aspirations for their sims
  • Non-host players can buy items from the rewards store for satisfaction points
  • Career-related dialogs now should appear on the proper client
  • Join a career button now works for all players
  • Go to work button now works for all players
  • 3 new languages have been added to the launcher: German (by MindDevourer & DieserMerlin), French (by TheRexi), and Czech (by Graizy)

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