S4MP 0.13.0 – Basement buy mode fix & expansion pack auto-sync [Win & OSX]

Happy New Year! S4MP kicks off 2021 with buy mode fixes for items placed in the basements, auto-syncing of expansion packs between players, and launcher convenience updates. By enabling auto-sync, you can play online S4MP with anyone, without having to worry about your expansion pack differences, the launcher will only enable the packs that are owned by all players.

In the meantime, there are serious efforts being put into the research of build mode development. Since it’s implementation should take place in an entirely different layer of the game, it will most likely take months to be delivered. Nevertheless, monthly updates will continue to come for other features that are easier to implement.


  • Fixed buy mode when objects are placed in basements
  • Added possibility to sync expansion packs automatically between players (only those packs will be enabled that all players own)
  • Added automatic game and mod version check to rooms
  • Fixed automatic detection of the game installation path
  • Added game version check to meet S4MP version requirements
  • Added an install guide tab to the launcher to help setting up the mod
  • Renamed ’Game Connected’ to ’Game Loaded’ and added explanation tooltip

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