December update

S4MP 0.4.0 is just around the corner! This update is rather special – it’s main focus is to rework the setup/connection flow so that it should not be an issue anymore to set up the mod and connect to each other.

There is a brand-new launcher (check the screenshots!) which handles the following tasks for you:

  • Create rooms so that you can see who are you going to play with
  • Find rooms automatically using network discovery
  • Sync selected save files automatically
  • Automatic in-game connection: you just load up the synced save and the multiplayer game starts as soon as everyone is joined! No more mp.c hustle!
  • Hamachi support out of the box: you can select to use Hamachi when connecting, thus everything is handled for you.
  • Network diagnostics: get warnings if there are network/firewall issues

After the launcher is out (hopefully this/next week) there are more features to come:

  • Fix the remainder travel bugs
  • 3+ player support

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